Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Artist Formerly/Concurrently Known As...

It's been an entire half-season of Doctor Who since I last blogged, and since I last downed an entire bottle of Chilean rosé (there is no coincidence there. Seek and ye shall find not) . The former has been variable and idiosyncratic, but that's precisely why I love it, and the finale was pretty damned excellent. The latter... well, it was much the same, and half-price at Tesco, so no complaints there.

I have been quiet, and this will be short, for the same reason - a new book. Not The Vagrant And The Snowflake (although I have been making good progress with it) but a new project, nonfiction and to be published under my real name for a change. I'm an old-fashioned bookseller at heart and for me it simply does not do for a fiction author to also write nonfiction, or vice versa, without giving or taking a pseudonym.

Anyway, more on that in due course. There is much to do, and now that Green Wing is suddenly available on 4OD I am distracted. I'm kind of in love with Lucinda Raikes.


Kavey said...

Can't wait to hear more about the new project.

We should catch up soon or it will have been eons and then it won't happen and that would make me sad...

Maddox Kent said...

We should, and we will! In the meantime, a quick recipe:

1 punnet strawberries
4 tbsp sugar (caster or granulated)
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Hull and quarter the fruit and mix with the sugar in a bowl. Leave in the fridge for an hour or two until the sugar goes goopy.
Mix in the balsamic vinegar, even if your better judgement screams not to. Serve with reassuring comments about how the vinegar adds flavour without cutting too much sweetness and that really, this actually tastes very good.

Kavey said...

I do love balsamic vinegar on strawbs, so absolutely, GOOD CALL! x x x