Sunday, September 19, 2010


Things I am loving this week:
  • The mobile network advert that has the couple arguing via MMS. I've never seen a convincing use for picture messaging before: abstract rowing is an alluring possibility.
  • Castle. Why aren't there more rockstar authors? Even if I didn't love Nathan Fillion anyway (and so do you) Richard Castle is a writer god, like Hank Moody with a sense of focus.
  • Sherlock. A jittery, alienating overthinker and a personable, grounded, commonsense sidekick - the BBC's new take on Holmes makes Watson truly important again, and works brilliantly. Only three episodes? Insanity. But at least they're bringing it back.
  • Up In The Air. Clooney's latest, a romantic comedy with a nasty surprise - I won't spoil it here but if you're single and at all unhappy about it, for the love of all that's holy rent Ocean's Eleven instead. Up In The Air will bring you down for days. A shame really, as it's excellent.
  • Resonance Of Fate. I'm not buying Halo: Reach until (a) it's been patched, (b) it drops to under twenty quid and (c) I run out of better ideas - I don't dislike the Halo games but I've never been as madly in love with them as others are, and thought ODST a bit of a letdown. Sequels should at least supply some new enemies: taken one after the other, Halo 1, 2, 3 and ODST could easily be mistaken for episodic content. Resonance Of Fate is a JRPG possessing supreme hardness of core, almost unwieldy in its desperate innovation, and will probably never get a sequel... but it's a refreshing change, and deserves respect.
It's my one hundredth post. I'm in a good mood, which seems right, somehow, after a couple of somewhat downbeat posts lately. Social glitching fixed, the weekend's homework done, tomorrow's shirt chosen and ironed, and Colts Vs Giants on Channel Four in an hour or so. Things are as they should be. Tomorrow is Monday, and so things may change, but for the next few hours there is peace and quiet and a ball game to watch before sinking into a fresh bed. It's fitting, I suppose, that the hundred-post milestone should pass with this smallest of good moments, this sliver of time filled with joys trivial and tiny.

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Kavey said...

I think a life full of joys trivial and tiny is far better than a life with one bang whallop happiness and the rest all barren.
Small happinesses spilling over into each other, day after day, that's the ticket.

PS Loved Holmes.
Can't bear Castle and wanted so much to like it as do love Nathan.