Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've been holding off on blogging during the election period - like Stephen, I am loathe to rock the electoral boat with opinions - and I'm a bit cross about it too, so this will be brief.

I've voted Lib Dem for years but Nick Clegg raises my hackles. Something about him has never quite rung true, like one of those chartered surveyors who spends the weekends engaging in football hooliganism. So I voted Conservative this time round, for the first time ever, no small thing for one of Thatcher's misbegotten children.

The underdog thing may have played a part in this: my locality was a Lab-Lib marginal, and the Tories had no chance of winning it... except they DID in fact win it. Rarely have I felt that my vote made an actual difference, yet it really did this time. Yay me.

After the events of this weekend I am even gladder than ever I deserted the Dems. Clegg's holding a gun to the country's head now: give me what I want or the economy gets it. This is the same shit the banks pulled, and it still works. So much for leaving behind the old politics, the selfishness, the backroom horse trading. So much for democracy, when there's now a very real chance that the country will be run by an unelected Prime Minister representing the party that lost the election.

Don't we usually invade countries that pull this kind of crap? Proportional Representation is all very well but consider this: the Conservatives got more votes than anyone else and more seats that anyone else. If they are still somehow deprived of their place in government, in what way is this fucking proportional?

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