Friday, May 21, 2010


A bit tied up with work at the moment so unable to blog at length... therefore, bullet points.

  • Coalition government. What? Really? What?
  • Amy's Choice. Best one yet of the new series: minimalist and low-budget, inspired and tense. Who in the classic tradition. Splendid.
  • Day cravats. Lately, anachronistic neckwear has become my sartorial signature - bow ties, mostly - and, inspired by a friend of mine who wears wistful Sixties headscarves, I have obtained a scarlet day cravat (as opposed to the dress cravat, which is formal and worn like a tie, usually at weddings: a day cravat is a casual version worn under the shirt. Americans call it an ascot) the better to reincarnate myself as a 21st century (albeit 'tacheless) Jason King. I've been growing my hair out for a while and am starting to look a smidge Wyngardian.
More another day, when less busy. Real life is a boorish nuisance.

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