Monday, April 13, 2009

Badgers, Battlestars, Bourbon

Battlestar Galactica ended. It ended well, I thought: the timing was good (four seasons is enough that one will miss it but not enough to grow tired of it all) and the resolution just vague enough to be endlessly dissected and argued over in forums (fora? I still haven't looked that up) until a new Star Trek series is commissioned. It feels like a complete story, which is rare in science fiction, or even in TV shows in general.

I have been in Ely, near Cambridge, for the Easter weekend, visiting family and somehow failing to escape from my day job (being in IT is a lot like being a doctor: you're never entirely off-duty). Ely thinks it is a City, because it has a cathedral. It is not. It is a village with a giant church. It needs to either get over this or get cable broadband and Freeview out there: I have rarely been so starved of data as I have these last few days, and missed the Red Dwarf comeback to boot. Still, it gave me an opportunity to do some editing work on The Writing Class, and I didn't miss Doctor Who. I'd have had to take legal action if I'd missed that. There is such a thing as minimum quality of life.

What else has happened? This is one of those aimless blog entries where I don't have anything profound to say so I'm just listing crap that happened with whatever pith I can muster. Not for want of good ranting material - the smear email fiasco, Konnie 'I'm not rhyming slang for anything' Huq, Tamils on the bridge, Jacqui Smith's expenses, Bob 'not very' Quick... there's plenty to get cross about - I just don't have the energy, partly because I've been increasing my training mileage. I have entered the Watford 10K next month in an attempt to kickstart my post-winter training and cross one off my list of New Year Resolutions (yep, still remember what they are): I'm up to fifteen miles a week not including the two-mile trek to work and back every day, which is hard work and so far not showing much improvement. Still, three weeks left... I'll be happy to get round in under an hour, which I believe I can, but I want to make the best possible show of myself.

I am trying out a new bourbon, an imported Four Roses straight (can't abide blended), as part of my training regime because beer makes me fatter. I have purchased a yoyo, because I believe I should. I have been playing Far Cry 2, which is both excellent and frustrating, because it was cheap. I have watched Knocked Up because a friend of mine has informed me that one of the cast is like a younger, better-looking, more successful version of myself and I am nothing if not flagellant. I have refrained from buying Play-Doh as I am not sure the intended recipient won't eat it. It's an average month. How dull for you.

I had something to say about badgers, but I have forgotten it.


Kavey said...

The Red Dwarf Easter Special was so incredibly and utterly crap you really shouldn't feel bad about missing it.
The only vague amusement was the Bladerunner references (which grew old fast too).
I was genuinely shocked at just how bad it was.

Maddox Kent said...

I saw the repeat: the first episode was vintage Dwarf (although seemed to disregard the continuity of the last series for some reason) but the second two seemed like a five-minute gag spun out too far... I got the impression that it was meant to be an hour long but someone told the writers to stretch it to 90 minutes. Also, Red Dwarf SHOULD have a laugh track! It's not M*A*S*H, for God's sake...