Saturday, November 22, 2008

Content Update

New Maddox-related lifestyle choices are now available:

- If you're Facebookish, you can now become a fan of Maddox Kent. I used my serious-author-with-important-things-to-say photo, or my angry-and-constipated photo depending on your ability to suspend disbelief. This makes me technically as big a celebrity as Dido. True story.

- If you're Amazonian, you can now buy Living Things and Control from Amazon. The prices have gone up a bit due to trade discounting, sorry about that, but I went as low as I could and they're well in line with other trade paperbacks. (By the way, Amazon says they're out of stock but only because Lulu prints copies specially for you when you order.)

I'll be updating the sidebar links in due course. Plans for an Oliver Stone biopic, a first-person shooter based on my experiences as a bookseller and downloadable Maddox Kent skins for Guitar Hero World Tour are as yet unconfirmed.

1 comment:

Kavey said...

Like I said before, PLEASE let me take a new portrait photograph of you before you release the next title? :)