Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barry's Lads Are Back

Barry won. Good. About time, really. But there's a wider context: the Democrats won more seats in the House of Representatives and more seats in the Senate, giving them a comfortable majority in both and the President-Elect. When the fuss of the election dies down there will be snide voices suggesting that he only got in because all the black people voted for him (I remember the same sneering derision that faced Serenity when it won Film Of The Year last year, as if science fiction fans are some kind of special interest group who can override the common sense of wider mankind by their Borg-like ability to move in concert) - the figures say otherwise. The people of America didn't just vote for Barry, they voted for the Democrats. They voted for hope over cynicism, for idealism over selfishness, for America with a capital A. They made the right choice over the easy choice, which is the kind of America I remember.

The line I keep hearing from members of the public is "America's back" and it is: not in the guise of Barack Obama but in themselves, the people, the people who got off their arses and voted in record numbers, who stood for hours in line to be truly American, truly democratic, and make the decision. America has been away, and now it's back. About time.

I have never seen a line that long outside a British polling station. And we're supposed to be good at queueing. We've got some catching up to do next time around...

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