Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I'm making some changes to my storefront at Lulu - they have a nifty new storefront construction thingy which makes it a lot more customisable: changes are ongoing but for now I've changed to a more soothing colour scheme and stuck my own graphic at the top (a placeholder - I'll come up with something a little more sophisticated when I find the time).

Also, I've dropped the price of the paperback to £7.99 and the hardback to £14.99: or at least, I have if the slightly weird dollar-to-pound conversion at Lulu has worked. The changes may take a day or so to bed in. There's no real reason for this, except that it's been long enough that a price change seems right - any book that's been on sale for a certain period tends to get discounted or appears in a new, cheaper paperback edition, so this is all in keeping with industry norms.

Why am I even explaining myself? It's cheaper, damn it.

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