Monday, January 08, 2007


I've been away for a little while, so let's just recap the last couple of weeks' events and my corresponding opinions:

1. Ruth Kelly sending one of her three children to a private school. Well, why not? She has worked hard enough to be able to afford it and the kid has special needs that are better met by a specialist school than the best jack-of-all-trades state school in the world so, really, why not? There seems to be something in the Old Labour psyche (not to mention that of the media, who are, let's face it, cunts) that sincerely believes that nobody deserves money and therefore money should not be able to buy a better service. This is the lowest form of witfuckage. Anyway, he's her kid so she should get to decide how he's educated - if her reason for choosing that school is that it is less likely to be invaded by aliens trying to forcefeed the pupils BubbleShock then that's her privilege, and nobody gets to slag her off for it. Oona King does a very incisive ident for More 4 about the hypocritical nature of the press, and she is quite right. Have I used the word cunts already?

2. The Sarah-Jane Adventures. Excellent. Elisabeth Sladen debuted as the Doctor's companion on the very day I was born - 21st December 1973 - but, nonetheless, I still would.

3. Microsoft meets their target of ten million Xbox 360s by the end of 2006. Holy crap, they actually managed it? In an industry where overblown and unmeetable promises are the norm, this is very big news indeed: Sony, who have pioneered the over-promise-under-deliver business model, must be pissing themselves.

4. John Barrowman gets hitched. Ah, bless. I am definitively not gay but if I were to, er, go for Brokeback then Captain Jack would be my first choice. If only to raid his bathroom for whatever miraculous hair products it is he uses - how does he manage to get that shine?

5. The Hubble telescope makes a rough 3D map of the known universe's dark matter. Ah, a map of all the stuff we (a) can't see, (b) can't explain, (c) can't prove even exists and (d) couldn't go and look at even if (a) through (c) weren't true. That's really fucking useful. Don't get me wrong, I love astronomy, but seriously.

6. Celebrity Big Brother. I will NOT watch it again until Jade Goody leaves. Stupidity should not be rewarded. On the other hand I am old enough to remember the young Cleo Rocos and Dirk Benedict, and be astounded that neither has noticeably aged - Dirk's hair in particular seems to have remained in a comfortable stasis since 1983. Well done, Mr Benedict.

So, there you have it. Oh, and I moved all my furniture around - this isn't really news but is very confusing for me personally and may have contributed to the lateness of this post. I am facing a different compass direction from usual as I type: this is surely bound to affect my output on some level.

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Kavey said...


I LOVE this word. Nod. Brilliant.

Bodyfuckage, Sarah-Jane, of.

Slightly alarmed at that admission though!

John Barrowman got married? Surely there canNOT be anyone on the planet who fancies John Barrowman half as much as he fancies himself. And this comes from someone who loves in him Dr Who and Torchwood.