Wednesday, August 09, 2006

All Change, Eventually

Oh, this is poor.

Bad enough that Channel Four decided to throw thousands of pounds worth of text votes back in the public's faces by readmitting evicted housemates, but no sooner has vicious Grace slipped back in than she's slagging off Aisleyne and resurrecting the nasty little clique she oversaw during her previous stay. Oh well, at least Jayne didn't get back in. Small mercies.

The other, better Grace is not happy either, justifiably. A colleague of mine who monitors the Channel Four BB forums (still think it's 'fora') more closely than I tells me they are positively ablaze with sour opinions, angry posts multiplying faster than the mods can delete them. Ofcom are so deluged with complaints that they've had to set aside a separate page to tell people they should be complaining to ICSTIS instead.

I am normally a great advocate for Channel Four, whose programming during my teenage years made me who I am and whose attitude is (normally) an exemplar of all the good things about the British: experimental, enthusiastic yet slyly cool and somehow able to get behind the facade of televisual media and show it to be as fallible and strange and human as we are. Four reflects the British in a way no other channel does, by taking the piss out of us good-naturedly, like an old mate in the pub. This latest escapade has squandered a lot of that goodwill however. Our old friend Four has disappointed us by behaving like just another corporate entity, and that's a shame. Even Davina looks worried and embarrassed at the whole thing now, counting the days until it's safely over and perhaps hoping she goes into early labour to avoid having to pick her way through the wreckage of the final week.

I am typing this from my home machine, a rickety old 900MHz Duron I built years ago which is about to undergo its' umpteenth reinstall. There's nothing wrong with it per se: I like to reinstall Linux (Mandriva, since you ask) every year or so to keep myself from getting too complacent with backups. It's pretty easy, much easier than Windows. I originally installed Linux because I couldn't afford Bill Gates' magnum opus and in the end bought an old copy of ME to keep on a spare hard drive for emergencies - despite the fact that I have used it barely a thousandth as often as I use Linux, ME has remained consistently unstable (veering close to oxymoron there) and crappy through several troublesome reinstalls. I rarely touch it at all now. It's just not as usable as Linux, and I thought it would be years before I could say that.

I am rambling a bit now, because I am waiting for Mandriva to tarball up all my files. This has taken about an hour and a half so far. I really need to springclean.

I was going to ponder the nature of pseudonyms this week but am too tired and crotchety: waiting for things to end sits poorly with me, and this week seems to be all about that. And it's only Tuesday...

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