Friday, July 14, 2006

The Beginning, Drunk and a little Angry

I have not done this before. I have written, yes, extensively, even in a vaguely public capacity (explanations later), but not in a blog.
So, why now? After all, I've had an online presence since before Internet Explorer, when Mosaic was the browser du jour and I was a baffled student discovering paganism and Giger among the birth spasms of the Internet. I can spit out HTML like others spit gum, and I've had several homepages, so why now for a blog?
Honestly? Because I'm drunk. Because I have an ego. Because I can stitch a sentence together. Because it is the twenty-first century and because I can.
Some of my posts will be pointless and dull, especially to the non-English: I will pootle on about politics, literature, the videogame industry, Big Brother and Plato, and while it won't always be interesting or relevant it will always be me, and you may take or leave that as you may.
My name is Maddox Kent. I write things.

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